Miami spa

Creating your very own beauty spot

Let’s face it: hot tubs are pretty much everything you need for a home spa. They aren’t just the perfect spot to have a chit-chat with your family at the end of the day or that sweet spot where you can enjoy a glass of Merlot. They are also a way to soothe your body and help your mind relax.

Up cycling a Rubbermaid

You can up cycle a Rubbermaid container into an easy to build one person jacuzzi spa tub that is perfect for when you want to relax and enjoy some alone time. Actually, you will need a rather large container a 150 pound one to be exact and you’ll need to add a way to heat your water, but the concept is a really good one. You could even put jets in this and make your own mini Jacuzzi.

Solar hot tub with fountain

Not only is this hot tub relaxing, it is so gorgeous – and it has a fountain! It is also solar powered so there is no need to worry about how you’re going to heat the water. The sun does all of that for you. The stone background is beautiful and offers such a peaceful atmosphere. This is a pretty complex project, but not at all difficult. You can easily have this finished in a weekend or two and be enjoying your gorgeous solar powered hot tub before you know it.

Up cycled pallet hot tub

You know those pallets that you have in the backyard that are just waiting for a good project? Well, here it is. This is a hot tub that you can build from those old pallets and it’s got a gorgeous rustic look that is perfect if you are going for DIY farmhouse décor in your backyard. This one is pretty simple to build, too and won’t take you more than a weekend or so to complete. You can build this for around $100 or so depending on certain materials that you may already have on hand.

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