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The best resellers for your spa

Are you a spa owner, manager, or professional? If so, you are most likely involved in the important process of boosting retail sales. We all know that spa services like massage and facials are the top income performers, but these services are not focused on retail sales something we ought to take a closer look at.

The client is important

Your VIP clients are the ones who keep on coming and spending their hard-earned dollars at your spa. Send them a promotion via e-mail once a month, just to let them know you appreciate them. Believe that they will come back and even refer you to their friends and family. Make it a point to make them happy.

Make shopping easy

Who wants to sit around and research the best products for my skin? Spas put countless hours into research and advice. Limit your shelf supply to a few strong brands that deserve your shelf space. Having too many different small hot tubs for sale products can be confusing. Choose the best products and promote them well!

Blog about your top performers

Are there products at your spa that you believe deserve the spotlight? Employ one of your front desk employees to write a blog article about it, even if it’s one day a week. Blogging about your top products is a proven way to boost your spa’s retail sales, and also keep your customers engaged. If they are engaged, they are likely to come back to your spa sooner than later.

Product placement

Are your products out of sight and reach? They must be visible to the customer. Product placement is crucial in appealing to your customers’ senses. Definitely make an effort to place your products in a visible spot that customers can see and your employees can restock. Your therapist will make the client feel at ease. While the client is relaxing, it is a good time to slowly introduce new products into the mix.

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