Miami spa the professional of jacuzzi

The company Tropic spa created in 2005 has grown rapidly thanks to the manufacture of spas, jacuzzis, hammams and saunas of remarkable quality. It is currently THE professional of jacuzzi in Europe where the company is now leading the French market. The French clientele was quicker to adopt than the Spanish clientele. In one year the company proved to be the leader of the spa in France thanks to a proven quality ratio.

Tropicspa, the european leader of spas at discount prices

Not satisfied with its rapid success in France, the company has conquered other European countries and has become the European leader of quality spa at discount prices. The manufacture of spas Borneo, Samana, Acapulco, Rio, Tahiti ... propelled Tropicspa to the forefront of spa manufacturers in Europe. And all its exotic resonance names mean not only excellent spas but also spas at discount prices.

These spas are top-of-the-range products recommended for wellness professionals. They are very efficient because they have tanks in acrylic ARISTECH resistant to time, shocks, chemicals as well as cartridge filters, very practical. No similar products found on the market

Of the spa at the price charged by Tropicspa. This makes the great strength of the manufacturer today. Other spas are being set up in the offices of Tropicspa, but are for the time being professional secrecy.

Spas all inclusive

With its policy of manufacture and sale of spas with value for money price defying any conccurence, Tropicspa imagined the commercialization of spas including all the possible and imaginable options from the range of discount spas. That's why customers have not mistaken and have appointed Tropicspa as the best manufacturer of spas in Europe and in the world. By selling its spas on the internet the company exceed all other brands and spa manufacturers. It is undeniably the professionnal of jacuzzi, who opens the access to the spa at home for many afficionados.



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