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When should you change the filter of your SPA ?

Filtration of your spa is a very important step to remember as you should bathe in water free from any impurities. This is a key element that needs to be changed and maintained regularly for the longevity of your spa and your health.

How to ensure optimal filtering?

The filter is an essential equipment for your Jacuzzi as it contributes significantly to the quality of the bathing water. The concern is how to perforate an optimal filtering and whether to do it permanently or alternately. In general there are two options available to ensure the removal of impurities from the water in your spa. Despite the level of pumping that can be quite low, you can opt for permanent filtering for more peace of mind. However, by alternately filtering, you need a much more powerful pump that you can turn on for a long enough time for a day. Thus, the water will be purified faster as the flow will be significantly higher than continuous. Once the filter is well laid, you just need to change it regularly.

When to replace the spa filter?

The frequency of cleaning the filter is essential for the life of your spa. As a general rule the filter should be cleaned at least twice a week and changed every time your spa is flushed out, around every three months. What if you had not used your device for a long time? In this type of circumstance, you will always have to renew the cartridge of your filter within four months. It should also be noted that when the impurities are resistant and the bath water is difficult to polish, it is imperative to change the cartridge that you can find in hot tubs for sale. In short, the renewal of the filter of your Jacuzzi must be done quarterly in order to be able to bathe in healthy water but also to preserve the longevity of your Jacuzzi and for its good functioning.

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